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her thighs at night were lily white, by morning they were scarlet!

[i'd be twice the wife that she was.]

a dirty daughter from the labour camp
29 June 1910
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impending storm rise up rise up
oh daemons I shall shame you!
look down the barrel of my gun
& one by one I'll name you

1602, 1899, 1929, 1969, 2001: a space odyssey, a house of pomegranates, a soldiers life, absinthe, alan moore, alice in wonderland, an american social revolution, anais nin, anti-capitialism, anti-circumcision, art pornography, astronomy, astrophysics, atheism, biblical discrepancies, bondage, c.s lewis, casablanca, childrens books, christopher lee, cinephiles, clockpunk, dancer in the dark, dario argento, democracy now!, discordianism, divination, dogme 95, dogville, eris worship, erotica, f. murray abraham, georges bataille, house of leaves, ina may gaskin, indiana jones, installation art, irish drinking songs, jorge luis borges, julie london, kurt vonnegut, lars von trier, living simply, madeleine l'engle, mark z. danielewski, married life, mastery of the force, mastrubation, men with honour, michele soavi, midwifery, motherhood, my own survival, neil gaiman, neko case, neo-paganism, neo-victorianism, nick cave, non-violent protest, oscar wilde, parenting, performance art, phantom of the opera, playing dress up, playing pretend, rasputina, reproductive rights, role playing games, salvia divinorum, sandman comics, sea shanties, sexual liberation, silent film, slam poetry, solemn little girls, space opera, space shanties, space-time, star wars, steampunk, street performance, submissive women, synthetic flesh, tarot cards, tattoos, the bohemian revolution, the chronicles of narnia, the city museum, the dreamers, the gnostic bible, the house of leaves, the scarlet pimpernel, the victorian era, the wicker man, torch songs, traditional romance, tragic love stories, unitarian universalism, vintage pornography, witchcraft